• Jon Lampel’s LeasEquip works in many industries

  • Posted on April 20, 2016
  • When Jon Lampel founded LeasEquip Inc. alongside a partner in 1981, he had little idea in what directions the company would branch in its 30-plus years. This company president later discovered that there existed interest for his unique brand of services across multiple industries; companies from various fields realized there was a sincere need for leasing equipment to build their business or supply particular segments that weren’t yet up to par.

    Lampel and his company is available when capital lacks and yet needs remain. This entrepreneur, through LeasEquip, offers leases and loans when other opportunities, such as banks, are not quite available to a new or growing company. Some recent transactions across various industries served by LeasEquip are a $9 million debt restructure line of credit, equipment sale leaseback and property secured loan supplied to an aerospace company; a $5 million loan for subordinated debt for expansion to a health club; $4.5 million to an entertainment business for trust deed financing of special purpose property; and a $25 million revolving line of credit to warehouse term loans.

    Since its inception, Lampel’s company has funded more than 600 commercial loans and leases with more anticipated in the future, continually offering various and emerging industries with the financial assistance needed to become their own business leaders in society.

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